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Ashima’s commitment to R&D and its customers has made the brand synonymous with delivering cutting edge technologies with outstanding aftersales service. This in turn has propelled the brand to the forefront of bicycle control systems development. Indeed in just 5 years the company has acquired in excess of 170 World Wide Patents….that’s a level of commitment that even some major corporations in the World fi nd hard to match.

2012 is no different and is demonstrated with the launch of both the World’s lightest 1 pc and 2 pc disks; the Ai2 and AiNeon respectively.

In addition Ashima is using 2012 to further develop its RiteToolz brand with the introduction of an extensive range of essential tools for the ride or for the home cycle mechanic. Although specifi c emphasis was placed at targeting RiteToolz pricing at the personal/home user, no compromise was made in the quality/function and robustness of these tools also making them the perfect addition for any professional cycle workshop.

2012 will also see the launch of an ever diversifying brake systems range, with the introduction of Hydro-Mech and Path-Finder systems. Hydro-Mech is essentially a remote master-cylinder that allows effortless conversion from cable actuated to hydraulic brakes. Ideal for cycle-cross disk conversion or for utilizing light-weight mechanical brake levers on MTB’s. Path-Finder is a reengineered version of the PCB which uses the latest diaphragm technologies and all new caliper/master-cylinders making it ideal for All Mountain/Downhill use.


Ashima’s “state of the art” testing facility is just one of the physical elements of our design process. At our heart, is a focus on the safety effectiveness and quality of our products. An Ashima product will “pass through” the developmental stages of concept, design, prototype and test as part of an iterative QA process. Our ethos is to refine the prototype by addressing potential concerns until it is fit for manufacture and use by our end users.

Although perfection is Ashima’s goal we are never complacent enough to claim we’ve achieved it. Which company can? It is remotely possible that products can experience issues in the field that were not highlighted in the lab. What distinguishes Ashima from the crowd is a commitment to minimize the impact to our customers by responding decisively.

In the short-term, our first priority is to remove and replace any faulty products as swiftly as possible. Our longer-term response is one of continuous improvement, through the implementation of enhanced design, testing procedures and quality standards to ensure that failure modes are identified and corrected prior to production . Ashima remains committed to customer satisfaction at every stage from design and manufacture to use on the open road.